publications on NextG communications

  1. C-25
    An Adaptive Framework for Generalizing Network Traffic Prediction towards Uncertain Environments
    Alexander Downey, Evren Tuna, and Alkan Soysal
    In arXiv:2311.18824, Nov 2023

  2. J-11
    Multivariate, Multi-step, and Spatiotemporal Traffic Prediction for NextG Network Slicing under SLA Constraints
    Evren Tuna, and Alkan Soysal
    arXiv:2309.03898, Sep 2023

  3. C-22
    Multivariate and Multi-step Traffic Prediction for NextG Networks with SLA Violation Constraints
    Evren Tuna, and Alkan Soysal
    In International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking (BalkanCom), Jun 2023

  4. C-21
    Multivariate Spatio-temporal Cellular Traffic Prediction with Handover Based Clustering
    Evren Tuna, and Alkan Soysal
    In Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), Mar 2022

  5. J-10
    Age of Information in G/G/1/1 Systems: Age Expressions, Bounds, Special Cases, and Optimization
    Alkan Soysal, and Sennur Ulukus
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Nov 2021

  6. C-18
    Age of Information in G/G/1/1 Systems
    Alkan Soysal, and Sennur Ulukus
    In Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, Nov 2019

  7. C-15
    Energy Efficiency Optimization for Non-Overlay Planning of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
    Mahmut Demirtas, and Alkan Soysal
    In International conference on Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing (IWCMC), Jun 2017

  8. J-6
    Nonoverlay Heterogeneous Network Planning for Energy Efficiency
    Mahmut Demirtas, and Alkan Soysal
    Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing, Jan 2017

  9. C-14
    Energy and Spectral Efficient Microcell Deployment in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
    Mahmut Demirtas, and Alkan Soysal
    In IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), May 2015

  10. C-5
    Channel Estimation and Adaptive M-QAM in Cognitive Radio Links
    Alkan SoysalSennur Ulukus, and Charles Clancy
    In IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), May 2008